Shadows You Left Release Day!

ShadowsYouLeft_1600 hIt’s here!! It is FINALLY here and I cannot wait for this book to arrive in reader hands.

Shadows You Left is a love story, yes, but it’s a dark one about two men learing to navigate their lives as they come to terms with difficult pasts. It’s by turns romantic and hard to read. Erik and River are messy and flawed and beautifully human. It was a joy to get to write them as they figured their shit out, as they figured out how to bring the best out of themselves for each other, and out of each other for the sake of their relationship.

Shadows You Left has garnered praise from authors Taylor and I really admire, and weant to thank everyone who has supported this book!

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“A delicate and vivid romance that will mark your heart like River’s ink… Shadows You Left is a rare gift—a combination of brutal, sweet, messy love, haunting lyricism, and resilient humanity that will keep River and Erik’s story tattooed in your mind long after you finish.  Five dragon-caught stars!” —Sierra Simone, USA Today bestselling author

Shadows You Left is a bruise of a book—a gorgeously written one-two punch of the scars carved by guilt and fear, and the tender ways love can soothe them.”  –Roan Parrish,  award winning author of the Riven series

“Sierra and Brooke tell a story that grips with teeth and fists and will not let you go.” Corey Alexander of Corey’s Book Corner

“Shadows You Left was moody but sweet, emotional but funny, and thoroughly charming.” Cat Sebastian, author of A Gentleman Never Keeps Score.

“Driven by beautiful writing, vividly drawn characters and the ghosts that haunt them, SHADOWS YOU LEFT packs an emotional punch. By turns gritty, sensual, and poignant, and dealing with tough topics like grief and addiction, Erik and River’s story wasn’t always an easy read, but in the end, love is the ultimate payoff, and I could feel it underlying every page like a heartbeat. ” –Piper Vaughn, author of Off the Ice and Permanent Ink

“Erik and River’s story is about how love can transform a life, not by fixing what’s broken but by helping us find the strength to push open the doors we’d closed to healing and hope.” Adriana Herrera, author of the American Dreamers series

“Dark and gritty, yet punctuated with colorful bursts of heat and love, Shadows You Left is as intricate, complicated, and beautiful as one of River’s artful designs.” — Layla Reyne, author of the Changing Lanes and Trouble Brewing series

“Taylor Brooke and Jude Sierra are a dream team. Gorgeous prose, richly developed characters, and a captivating plot had me glued to the pages. No matter what Erik and River have to work through, hope and healing is at the center of this story and I could not have loved it more.” Leigh Kramer, author of A Storied Life

“…A beautifully and carefully written book that touches on overcoming trauma, co-dependency, and learning how to live in the present.” Anna Zabo, author of Reverb




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