Tiniest of tiny hello

I’ve been a complete remiss blogger of late. I have no excuses. 

Oh that’s a lie I have plenty: recovery from vacation. Recovery from the final slog to turn in my manuscript. Family emergency. Exhaustion from all of that (I can count that double, yes?).  Going back to school. Getting my kids back into school and managing how we’re all working out times and schedules.

Also, somehow finishing the manuscript set some other writing portion of my brain free and I had a two or three week whirlwind of insanity in which I wrote several short stories in my fannish world. 

Now it’s nose back to the grindstone as I’ve gotten my first round of edit notes back! This is such an exiting and daunting process for me. It’s been a challenge, to say the least, to try to trust myself when writing; am working hard to work myself out of the need for hand holding. There might or might not be a constant mantra (this is my story. Only I can tell it) circling in this cavernous jumble of a brain with the hopeful intent that it will actually sink in. 

But it’s all happening — all of this beautiful insanity of life with passions and family and goals converging into these moments in time. Rather than let myself feel swept up and away, I think I’ll leave my editing portion of the day with a high five before girding my loins and tackling some school work. 


Review: Load the Dice, by Moriah Gemel


Episode 1: “Blind Bet”

“Whatever you’ve read, Jamie?” Eric says. “Forget it.”



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I’m going to pull out some tidbits from this preview because there was some intelligent and articulate stuff about BDSM said here that I really think will benefit those reading who might not be sure about the culture. 

“As someone interested in BDSM culture and the powerful bonds and experiences that can be shared between its participants, I recognize that these misconceptions can be frustrating and even potentially harmful.”… I do feel there’s a certain level of responsibility on the part of the author to try to portray the culture, its participants, and the activities that take place all in an honest light – if only to avoid perpetuating misinformation.

The dedication [Gemel] has to sharing information, and the respect she has for BDSM culture, there is truly no one I would trust more with a story like this than Moriah herself.” 

Personally, I could not recommend this book more. Even if you don’t think BDSM might be your thing, I encourage you to give the first installment a try — more than one person has commented that this book has swayed their opinion or interest in reading BDSM romance.