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The gift giving season is upon us! And as such, I have a wonderful offer for you, your family, your friends, your pets (well, I mean….if they can read).

From now until Dec. 31st Idlewild is on sale for $1.99. It’s an awesome deal, and it’s not often that Idlewild gets discounted like this. If you’ve been waiting to buy OR if you happen to know someone you think might like it, go for it! Links will be down below.

If you have already read it, THANK YOU! Your support means the world to me. I would love if you would be willing to give this salw a little visibility boost. Every bit helps 😀

With much love, and high hopes for 2022, I wish you health, happiness, and growth.

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why I did the thing and why you are all amazing.

I’m not sure where to start. Being concise and knowing what information should come when is not my strength. But I thought it would be best to address the situation with my ex co-author and the gofundme legal drive in more detail.

Firstly, I really cannot thank everyone who has donated thus far. I cannot believe how quickly you all have responded to help support me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

As the gofundme has stated (beautifully and well put by my lovely friend Sadie, whom I cannot thank enough for the support and encouragement), I recently learned that a book I’d published with a coauthor in 2019 was being “reworked” and republished under a new pen name. I was not informed and did not give consent to this. This person has a history of abuse, deception and racism within the bookish community. With the hopes of protecting my intellectual property, I chose to reach out to a lawyer recommended by another author. He very kindly walked me through the legal tangle of having co-written a work and what it means when two people have copyright to a work (particularly when there is no pre-existing coauthoring legal agreement, which BTW if you are gonna cowrite, you should always have. Tough lesson learned). He explained my options to me carefully, without charging me for any of it.

What I came to learn is that having copyright means I can legally do what I want with the story. I can create derivative work, rework, republish in that form. This is not plagiarism as I had thought it was. However, if a portion of the derivative or reworked story/work contains any shared work, whoever republishes it is required, legally, to share a portion of any proceeds that come from that sale.

So for example, if it is determined that 80% of the work is similar to the original, then I would be owed 40% of proceeds. The whole “how that’s determined” thing is more complex; I can explain if anyone has questions, but my situation never got to that point.

When I first spoke up about what was happening with the Shadows You Left/Cagematched situation I did say that I did not want money out of the situation. I honestly just didn’t want that work out in the world anymore. That story was very personal for a lot of reasons. Initially I did not contact my ex co-author about the publication of this book when I discovered what was happening. I did not want to engage in any conversation with a person who had been immensely detrimental to my mental health, whose influence in my life previously had caused me incredible amounts of distress. To be honest, I also just knew that a conversation would have gone nowhere.

After I posted about the book on twitter, I was contacted by the author. We exchanged a series of emails. Yes, the book was pulled from Amazon. Yet said author did choose to try to use an indie pub site (Gumroad) to publish without telling me. To make a long story short, they eventually stated that they would shelve the book, but that their lawyers had advised them that they could not promise to never release, rerelease, rework etc in the future. Throughout the course of these emails I was consistently reminded that ex co-author had lawyers at the ready (somehow, these lawyers never appeared? Huh).  

I was very torn at this time about what I should do regarding legal representation. Not only was the retainer expensive but there was no way to really know how much it would cost in the end. If I chose to move forward with legal action, I had to pay a retainer of $200 which would go toward billable hours. Other than that, the lawyer could only guestimate how long everything might take to work through. I really had to weigh what I could afford here.

And then the Jupiter Wyse situation happened. That honestly was the last straw for me. I had worked throughout these situations, even when I spoke up, to be as professional as I could be. But at that point I realized that this person *would never stop*. It didn’t seem like there was a limit to the ways in which they would hurt, manipulate, and abuse other people in the bookish community,

I honestly was just so tired of watching someone try to manipulate me. The emails I received when the other author and I were discussing what would happen with Cagematched were full of old gaslighting and manipulating tactics that would have worked on Jude of three years ago. But I am not that person any more. And I refuse, REFUSE to be that person again.

I really didn’t want money was never the point for me. However, legally, all I was really entitled to here was a portion of royalties. Refusing to be bullied, manipulated, and used was the point. I hired my lawyer knowing up front I’d be out a few hundred dollars. My husband and I spoke at length about the value of my own mental health vs money etc.

What I didn’t expect—I have no idea why because I really should have—was how my ex coauthor would drag out what could have been a simple process. Refusing to disclose honestly the number of books sold. Arguing with my lawyer over semantics. Just a constant stream of back and forth emails. What this all meant was that the end cost was WAY past what could have been expected.

At the end of the day, my ex coauthor agreed to pay me 40% of “supposed” sales (there was a whole KU cancellation issue which caused them an inability to see how many were presold?). I walked away with 7$ and an acknowledgement of a C&D. A promise to give me a portion of proceeds should I ever find out that this story was being reused (see the language there?). At that point, short of really going into more expensive and complex legal work, with my lawyer, we agreed that the acknowledgment of the C&D was a positive and perhaps the best I could hope for at this point.

To be clear, I don’t feel like I lost anything. It’s not a perfect outcome but it was definitely a statement.

This coauthor has consistently threatened other people with legal action. Reminded people who tried to stand up to them that they have a legal team at the ready. Used particularly manipulative language that works to make a victim question the reality of the situation. The choice to go forward with a lawyer, in large part, was motivated by a strong desire to send a message: you cannot do this in this community. Because of the co-written book I actually had cause and reason to make this a legal issue.

Asking for help paying for these legal fees has been so incredibly difficult; both because it’s just hard for me to ask for help, but because I never asked anyone to get involved in this fight with me and now I am. I am so moved by the response and support you have all provided. I know this is probably of little comfort to the people who have been hurt by this person but please know: I went into this with all of you in mind. I feel so much for everyone who has been hurt, by the wake of negativity and toxicity a single person has managed to set off in our community.

Thank you all for holding my hand and making this such a supportive and caring place. A million thanks to Annie and Sadie for being my sword and shield. I ❤ you all to the moon and back.

“And Always Coming Back” new short story available now!

“And Always Coming Back”

“This story packs so much emotion into a short space. David and Evan’s relationship feels like the eye of a storm–there’s nothing but safety and love, despite the danger and uncertainty outside.” –bestselling author Cat Sebastian

“Jude Sierra’s ‘And Always Coming Back’ is a beautiful and tender rediscovery of love and partnership.”— Roan Parrish, author of Best Laid Plans

At first, David and Evan found a silver lining to quarantine in togetherness. But as the months wore on, the novelty wore off. At the seven-month marker, David broke down—but not because of what was happening outside. Recognizing that loneliness could wield power even when you’re not alone, David and Evan commit to rediscovering the silver that lines togetherness.


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Reviews on platforms that allow them are always so helpful! 

Reviews coming in and a HUGE BOGO sale!

It’s been, and will continue to be a rough time for a lot of us. Personally, I find a tremendous amount of comfort in books, and in connecting with readers. One of my favorite times of year is the summer, when I get to go meet y’all at ALA and BookCon. No longer being able to look forward to that has been difficult. Instead, our house is learning how to homeschool while in quarantine, which is a pretty quick shift from the status quo of a month ago.

I won’t lie these things have kind of made reaching out to you all to share important information, like the fact that the anthology my new short story is in, Short Stuff, is available for presale fall to the wayside. Which sucks! I am so excited to get my first YA story, “The August Sands” into your homes.  AND in other amazing news I am slow to share, both Kirkus and Foreword reviews have given our book some lovely, lovely praise!


Currently available for pre-sale, you can find our books at:

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In other SUPER exciting news: Interlude is hosting a BOGO sale through the rest of March! I believe they’re also offering free shipping right now as well. I really want to get my books into your hands, or any books honestly, because I know we could all use a little escape!


I wish you all the absolute best right now, and I hope you’re staying healthy, both physically and mentally.

With Love,


Announcing “The August Sands”

short stuff coverNews!! Super beltated news due to life being…well a disaster due to a very slow recovery from Post Concussion Syndrome.

But that’s not the exciting part!!

My first ever foray into YA, a short story called “The August Sands” is being published an anthology, Short Stuff (pub. Interlude Press). In even better news, it’s going up on Netgalley today!!

The August Sands

As the eldest child in his family, Tommy Hughes always felt the weight of responsibility growing up—to his mother, who depended on him, and to his kid brother and sister, who looked up to him. But during a summer vacation to the Michigan shore, Tommy chafes to break free and to start experiencing a series of firsts before embarking for the new world of college. 

I had a lot of fun writing this, and so much fun writing about a place I love so dearly. I can’t wait to invite you in to one of my favorite places in the world.

Short Stuff

It could start anywhere…

At a summer vacation at the lake, just before heading off to college. In a coffee shop, when the whole world is new. In a dragon’s cave, surrounded by gold. At a swim club, with the future in sight.  In SHORT STUFF, bestselling and award-winning authors dial down the angst in four meet-cute LGBTQ young adult romances.

SHORT STUFF features stories from Julia Ember (The Seafarer’s Kiss), Jude Sierra (Idlewild, What It Takes), Kate Fierro (Love Starved), and the writing team of Tom Wilinsky and Jen Sternick (Snowsisters). Edited by Alysia Constantine (Olympia Knife, Sweet). 





All the Sales!

July 3rd ONLY you can get a copy of What it Takes for 99 cents!

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Purchase the other 7 for a complete collection of these amazing books!

Taboo for You by Anyta Sunday
Invitation to the Blues by Roan Parrish
Permanent Ink by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn
Forsaken by JR Gray
Life of Bliss by Erin McLellan
Bellingham Mysteries by Nicole Kimberling
Bitter Legacy by Dal McClean

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A Tiny, Sexy Snippet

Well past sunrise, Reid wakes up curled on the very edge of the bed. His grandmother’s room overlooks the porch, so sunrises from bed are a distinct possibility. Somehow, the sound of the ocean isn’t the same in here, probably due to the proximity.

     Reid peeks over his shoulder. Joaquim curled up on his side, around a pillow, his back to Reid. He reaches out to touch a mole on Joaquim’s shoulder blade, ready to trace a wake-up path to other ones on his back, when he remembers last night. He’s going to have to face his own music.

   Joaquim’s body is beautifully settled into the rhythms of his deep, sleeping breaths. Reid is no longer angry. Well, he’s a little angry at himself. If I wake Joaquim with kisses, will that be enough? Will he remember the apology from last night and let it stand?

   Eyes closed, Reid scoots closer to Joaquim and puts a hand on his hip. He promised to talk to Joaquim. And even without that promise, they should talk. Joaquim is the potential for a healthy relationship, finally.

   When Reid’s body heat comes into contact with his, Joaquim stills and then stretches. Joaquim’s body is a luxury: muscles tensing and loosening, all stunning bones and inviting skin. Reid wants. He wants to glut himself on this man, to soak up every moment with him while he can.

   “Morning?” he whispers. His hand slides from Joaquim’s hip to his stomach under his belly button.

   “But will it be a good morning?” Joaquim arches a little, rolling his body, sinuous and promising, against Reid’s. Reid puts his face between Joaquim’s shoulder blades, as if he could breathe in the balm of that teasing, that ease. He kisses up to Joaquim’s neck and then bites lightly.

   Nothing more needs saying. Reid loves the hush, loves the ease and intimacy, loves the way Joaquim takes him so far out of his head and into his body he hasn’t any words.

Only 8 days remain until the release of A Tiny Piece of Something Greater! I cannot wait to share Reid and Joaquim with all of you!

Quick reminder that I am holding a pre-order swag giveaway with four prize packs! Pre-orders can be really helpful (and by some vagary seem to occasionally sneak into people’s inboxes early! Don’t quote me on that I know nothing technical about this, it’s just happened to me as a reader). All you have to do is email me your receipt to be entered! ( I’ll email back to confirm I received.  For more info (including pictures) check out this post.

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SWAG TIME!! Giveaway time!!

Today marks exactly ONE MONTH until the release of my upcoming novel, A Tiny Piece of Something Greater. I wanted to do a giveaway for those who are pre-ordering and giving this book love. So here are some details (pictures below!)

I have the following giveaway packages. If you sent me a copy of your pre-order receipt (details below), you will be entered to win one of the following prize packs:

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Prize Pack #3: A copy of John’s apple muffin recipe, three Brazilian wish bracelets, two I’m Still Here stickers, and a signed, personalized copy of a book of your choice (Idlewild, What it Takes or Hush).


Prize Pack #4: A copy of John’s apple muffin recipe, three Brazilian wish bracelets, two I’m Still Here stickers, and signed copies of book cards.


So the Brazilian wish bracelets are also known as Bahia Bands. I really wanted to have a little taste of a Brazilian tradition in honor of Joaquim, but also something my friends and I loved to do when we were kids when I lived in Brazil. Bahia Bands are a good luck charm. You wrap the wish bracelet around your wrist and make three knots, with one wish for each knot. You leave it on until it falls off, at which time your wishes should come true 😉

Additional side note: if you pre-order the paperback copy from Interlude Press you get the e-book for free right now, so that’s exciting.

I’m so excited to share this book, which Foreword Reviews gave a 5 Star Review to, and which Kirkus Reviews said was “A realistic look at living and loving in the context of mental illness by an author that doesn’t lose sight of the romance.”

So if you have or want to pre-order, email me your receipt at with the subject line “PRE ORDER TINY”

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As we get closer and closer to release day for A Tiny Piece of Something Greater, my fourth novel (coming to you May 17th!!!), you’ll see I’m posting little bits — lines, aesthetics, IG posts related to the book. Follow me on the things to see the things and I promise to do my best to provide you with pretty stuff!

Also, for those of you who are my favorites and are pre-ordering, hold on to your receipts for *reasons* you’ll discover later!!

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Available for Pre-Sale: A Tiny Piece of Something Greater


Ahhhhhh the day is finally upon us! Well, technically the day after. Yesterday LGBTQ Reads was kind enough to host the cover reveal of my newest book, A Tiny Piece of Something Greater, which will be released May 17th 2018.

Reid Watsford has a lot of secrets and a past he can’t quite escape. While staying at his grandmother’s condo in Key Largo, he signs up for introductory dive classes, where he meets Joaquim Oliveira, a Brazilian dive instructor with wanderlust. Driven by an instant, magnetic pull, what could have been just a hookup quickly deepens. As their relationship evolves, they must learn to navigate the challenges of Reid’s mental illness—on their own and with each other.

For those of you who are feeling impatient or just downright generous, it is available for pre-order and I’ll share those links below.

Writing this book has been the journey of a lifetime, no hyperbole at all, and I am almost coming out of my skin with excitement that it is almost time for you all to meet these two men who have utterly stolen my heart.

Keep an eye out for excerpts, info about giveaways, guest posts across the interwebland and more!

Another exciting development in Jude Land is the advent of my newsletter. It’s up and running…so far as I can tell. MailChimp and I don’t always see eye to eye, but I’m 99% sure that has to do with my eyeballs. Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll have access to exclusive content, giveaways, and automatic updates!

Stay tuned for more fun stuff!

A Tiny Piece of Something Greater is available for pre-order in the following locations:

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