Question Day!!

So it’s been a while since I’ve interacted with y’all, and I didn’t want my silence over the past few months to strike fear into your hearts that I am fading away! I am so here. And I’d love to chat. Answer questions. Talk it up. We can chat about Hush, for those of you who read it over the summer or recently, or anyone who has burning questions (I know some of y’all do!), or about What It Takes, which I am SO FREAKING EXCITED TO TALK ABOUT AND HAVE Y’ALL READ.

Also, I want to give a super big shout out to Buckeygrrl Designs for my banner. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I have a little Ask Me tab at the top of my blog at all times, but in case you don’t want to scroll up, here ya go!


Coming January 2016…

Yup, the time has come for me to announce (here…we’re late to the game here as it’s been announced elsewhere) that my second book, What It Takes, will be published by Interlude Press on January 14th! I’m guessing that means presale will be happening in November-ish, so start saving your pennies now!!

cover official

Moments after 8-year-old Milo Graham moves to Cape Cod, he meets Andrew Witherell—launching a lifelong friendship built around a secret fort, and plans for the future. 

 When Milo is called home from college to attend his domineering father’s funeral, he and Andrew finally act on their mutual attraction. However, both know that it’s not just the past that makes the way ahead complicated. Each wanting what’s best for the other, they sever all ties.

Years later circumstances bring both men home again, and a rekindled friendship brings forward long held feelings that will not be denied. But will they have what it takes to find lasting love?


I am so very excited to share this book with you all! It’s *very* different from Hush, but still very me. I am incredibly proud of this book. And wow, that art! We need to give Nellie I. a huge hug and bravo for the gorgeous cover. Just wait until you see the back, it’s so romantic and beautiful.

If you are somehow already curious and want to know more, I believe I gave out some info in some of my blog tour posts for Hush. Easter egg hunt!!


My first novel, Hush, is currently for sale at Interlude Press Web Store
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Cave Dweller Emerges

Hello all!

As anyone who has been following me knows, I’ve been completely MIA for months now. Which I apologize for — life just hit me and my family so hard, and often the pressure of writing a blog post in the middle of that seems insurmountable. A blog post? you say.


I always want to give good content in some form. Relevant or witty or well put together. And since about June, I haven’t often had any of those faculties, or those that I did have were sorely tested by things like edits, family emergency, personal health crisis, surgeries, and now, going back to school.

That’s right. After 10 years and 6 as a stay at home mother, I am going back to school to get my MA in Writing and Rhetoric. I’m terrified and elated. I love my coursework and my cohort and my program, but am struggling with the load. I am lucky enough to have an assistantship (which means I work 20 hours a week at my writing center and they pay for my schooling and a small stipend), but the addition of the work load (which so far has been adding up to a lot more than 30 hours a week) has added to the challenge.

But the biggest challenge has been the loss of time I have with my children. I commute 1 hour a day each way to go to school, 4 days a week. Some days, I leave at 7 and come home at 7 and see my children for an hour. Other days, I come home at 4:30-5:30 ish. I get a few hours with them and then spend the rest of the few hours I have (2-3 a night) studying, cleaning, trying to make food ahead of time for the babysitter, and working. The driving is *killing* my hands and wrists and elbows, which contributes a lot to my silence.

As you can see, there is not a lot of time in there for blogging or writing. I am so hoping to get a handle on this load soon, because writing is incredibly important for my well being and creative self, and I miss it.

That said, I am so hopeful I can offer you better and more exciting content soon! With the release of my second book coming soon, I have so much I want to share with you and talk about and just squeeeee over.

Oh yeah, and did I mention a new book? 😉

Yes I did.

cover official

With pride and so much love I am sharing my next story, What It Takes, which will be available for pre-order in November and for sale January 14th, 2016.

Stay tuned for more info and details!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Cave Dweller Jude