Win a Free Copy of my Book!

On July 22nd, Interlude Press will be hosting a 24 hour launch party. Interlude Press will be hosting live chats and Q&A’s throughout the day with authors, as well as title reveals. Join us on google+ the day of to listen in, as well as to enter to win various awesome swag. I’ll be talking at 6pm with some of the other 2015 authors who are writing original fiction. 

As a part of this awesome world wide launch celebration, if you enter here (and by here I mean the lovely green box you see above) you can win a copy of my debut novel, which is slated to be published in 2015 (eeeeee!).  I am so excited to share this story with you guys, I cannot wait. 

If you are interested in checking out raffles for other IP authors, including the Grand Prize (free books for a year), you can check out more information at the Interlude website. Here is a list of who is speaking when and about what! 

Hope to see you all there with party hats and PJ’s on! 

**apparently the links to the Facebook and Goodreads weren’t working. They’ve been fixed now :D**

Win a Free Copy of my Book!


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