So I wanted to share my social media sites yet again. As an incentive, I can promise you that all of them do not contain the same content! 

If you’re looking for something more conversational, head over to my facebook page. Talking is awesome there because I can do multiple responses. And not just about my book, but everything!

I am an avid reader! If you’re interested in what I am reading and what I think, or looking for suggestions, head over to my goodreads account. 

If you want to see me fail at social media (I kid!), as well as tiny spoiler tidbits or hints of what’s to come, my twitter is a great place to head. As of right now there’s a picture of my editing process. Maybe you’ll get a tiny bit of spoiler there 😀 (tiny)

And of course, here! Generally this blog will feature once a week blog posts from me, and I hope soon, guest blog posts as well! 


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