Oh my it’s really hard to put this in 250 chars, but the gist of it is that I learned that a difficult decision can be easier when I myself am in a better place. Bad place = too worried about the risks. Feeling better = ready to face the challenge.

This is an excellent point! Decision making when risk is involved is this terrifying stew of factors and few promised outcomes. Factoring in being in a difficult place or position and things become so complex, it boggles. I’m mentally tracking down this path and thinking, well when do we factor in impulses vs calculated risks? Oh so many variables, I’ve made my own head hurt. 

I’m trying to think of chances/risks I’ve taken in various frames of mind, but currently all I can think about is “ow, sinuses”. 

It’s awfully presumptuous to say, hey what’s the worst choice you’ve made, but when you’re talking about this better place and facing challenges, do you guys have any stories? 


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