When they said to get ready….

Wow did they mean it! 

I should clarify. About a week before my editor (who is amazing) got the first edit of my manuscript back to me, she said “Are you ready to get really busy?” 

Of course I said, “Yeah, of course.”

This is the first year both my kids have been in school/daycare for the first time. Naturally, my instinct was to think: wow all the time I’ll have!! So I made all sorts of plans for how I would fill all that empty time. A grad course. Commitment to helping my 1st grader’s teacher in the classroom. My yearly commitment to a 9 month committee for our huge charity event. Also, sometime a lot of you understand; due to money issues I took on a few extra things involving trying to make a little money on the side. 

Naturally, all of these things seem to have converged in the last two weeks. Timing genius, this also coincides with me throwing my neck into spasm. 

Man, when it rains, it does pour. I have a presentation for my course Thursday. My edits are due Wednesday. I have a planning meeting for school stuff for my son, and the first meeting for our charity event.  

Okay, this sounds like a list of complaints. But I promise, other than the neck, it’s not. I’m blessed with a rich and interesting life. And, guys…I’M WRITING A BOOK THAT’S GOING TO BE PUBLISHED. I’m being courted for an amazing grad program I’ve definitely decided to apply for (with a very strong possibility of an offer for assistantship). I get to be a part of my son’s school life, and once again be a part of an amazing charity planning committee for a cause that’s incredibly close to my heart. 

I am living the life. The busy, busy life. 

Yesterday I finished the first run through of edits after getting them back. Wow. 

There are parts I’m happy with, things I’m unsure of still, moments I kind of don’t like (I think that might be a forest through the trees thing), and finally: an ending I am really fucking proud of

I am so excited to share this story with you guys, 2015 cannot come soon enough. I just have to find the time to breathe, get stuff done, and hold it all together. Hopefully, soon enough I’ll have more specific things to share with you regarding the book. 


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