Ugh, the name game

Naming characters is *so hard* for me. Sometimes I want names from a certain origin or that can be traced back. For example, when I named Wren (I had spoiler alerted y’all to that name in a picture a bit ago) for my upcoming book, I deliberately searched for names with mythical/lore/magical undertones. Any one of those would have sufficed. I found one and then took (borrowed?) another name derived from that. That was quite fun and totally satisfied what I wanted.

Sometimes, nothing fits the way I want though. Right now, I am knee deep in NaNo and still have not settled on a name for one of my main characters. I thought I had a name — which I borrowed from the list of names my husband and I had considered for our second son. I love the name. It has a cute nickname for a younger kid and it has a grown up full name.

Problem: I woke up yesterday, wrote 3000 words and the WHOLE TIME I had to keep going back because I was automatically naming him something *completely* different. I mean, it is from another name galaxy. It’s not even a name I like. It wasn’t on my radar. 

But it feels right. 

See, and here is an example of what I mean when I say that I am just the vessel. Sometimes I feel like the stories I write just come through me, that despite my intentions, they turn left when I planned for them to go right. My characters quite often they laugh at me and tell me to fuck off and insist that I do what they’re telling me is right. I guess this is why I am a pantser and not a planner.

RIght now, I’m in the *place*. Use a name I don’t like but that *seems* right, or go with the name I wanted?


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