Crawl into bed with my phobias??

That was my clever and *seamless* segue into the great stops on my Virtual Blog Tour (which from hereforth I shall call VBT b/c I am way too lazy to type that out).

Today I got the chance to stop at three great blogs, which I recommend you head over to. Not just because I’m there ::blinks prettyily:: but because book blogs are AWESOME. I get so many great recommendations through other book blogs, I would be LOST without them.

Plus if you go, you can answer the following BURNING questions I know you’ve always had about me.

Wanna know what my biggest fear is?  What do I find *deeply* romantic (hint, it involves laminate floors)?? Head over to Book Lovers 4Ever! 

Lee Brazil kindly invited everyone to crawl into bed with me…I mean I have been known to pen an erotic tale or two, so I can’t say that I mind 😀  Wanna know what’s happening in my bed? Hop on in. Over. In?

Last but not least, many thanks to Inked Rainbow Reads for hosting me on my VBT today too!

Thanks to everyone who has wished me a happy book birthday, y’all have made today great!!


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