Book rec like WHAT: Ceili by Moriah Gemel

So, I don’t know if you guys remember a fantastically hot serial book called Load the Dice our friend Moriah Gemel wrote last year (if you DON’T, good lord, RUN and don’t walk to go read it. But find some…ahem…alone time), but tomorrow her second book – A REALLY GOOD ONE – hits the shelves, it’s called Ceili. This isn’t my full on, blow out review, because I still have a few pages left, but LORD. YAS.

This is a story about Devon, a down on his luck musician living in LA who wanders into a bar (Ceili) one night. There he discovers a world inside his world he never imagined – where Fae exists, hiding in plain sight – and a truth about himself he couldn’t have forseen – that he too is Fae.

Deliciously, running this bar, and this enclave of Fae in the human world, we have Eldan, who I would basically climb like a pole and lick. Srsl. SRSLAH. I have a ladyboner for Eldan I cannot contain. He’s quirky and silly and poised and deep and complicated all at once, which is like…how does Riah do that? SHE DOES IT.

The world she builds is excellent, walking the line between fantastic (as in magical) and real. The plot thickens beautifully, and with it, the tension and eventual romance between Eldan and Devon, who are *very* different men on many levels, and yet perfectly suited.

One of the best things about the book is that it’s NOT OVER. It ends at a great spot but with so much story potential left to tell and GUESS WHATTTTT, YASS THAT’S RIGHT THERE’S MORE TO COME.

Also, if you run over to Interlude and grab it now, you can get the paper book and then get the e-book free. Yay!


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