Romantic Times Booklovers Convention

It’s almost time! Next Tuesday you’ll find Jude out in the big wide world of Vegas. I’ll be the one with the wide eyes wandering the Rio Hotel in a daze.

But not to fear, come Wednesday I’ll be pulled together and SO READY to meet people and learn all kinds of stuff. And that means I’d love to meet YOU.

SO. If you want to find me, I’ll be at:

The Interlude Press Publisher Spotlight, 11am Wednesday morning

ClubRT at 11:30am Wednesday morning

I’ll be signing books at the Giant Book Fair (weeeee), Saturday from 10:30-2pm

Otherwise, I’ll be flitting about from Tuesday to Sunday, bamboozled and thrilled by the whole experience. If you are going to be there, gimme a shoutout on twitter @judesierra and maybe we will find a way to cross paths!!





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