“And Always Coming Back” new short story available now!

“And Always Coming Back”

“This story packs so much emotion into a short space. David and Evan’s relationship feels like the eye of a storm–there’s nothing but safety and love, despite the danger and uncertainty outside.” –bestselling author Cat Sebastian

“Jude Sierra’s ‘And Always Coming Back’ is a beautiful and tender rediscovery of love and partnership.”— Roan Parrish, author of Best Laid Plans

At first, David and Evan found a silver lining to quarantine in togetherness. But as the months wore on, the novelty wore off. At the seven-month marker, David broke down—but not because of what was happening outside. Recognizing that loneliness could wield power even when you’re not alone, David and Evan commit to rediscovering the silver that lines togetherness.


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