Idlewild Book Sale!

Hello friends!!

The gift giving season is upon us! And as such, I have a wonderful offer for you, your family, your friends, your pets (well, I mean….if they can read).

From now until Dec. 31st Idlewild is on sale for $1.99. It’s an awesome deal, and it’s not often that Idlewild gets discounted like this. If you’ve been waiting to buy OR if you happen to know someone you think might like it, go for it! Links will be down below.

If you have already read it, THANK YOU! Your support means the world to me. I would love if you would be willing to give this salw a little visibility boost. Every bit helps 😀

With much love, and high hopes for 2022, I wish you health, happiness, and growth.

Love, Jude.

Sale Links: Amazon || Apple || Barnes and Noble || Kobo


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