Shadows You Left pre-sale alert!!


Erik O’Malley has been bouncing from city to city for five years. While Seattle is beautiful, no matter how far he goes, Erik can’t shake the ghosts he left in Los Angeles. He’s weighed down with guilt and running from his past, and so he turns to underground cage fighting as an outlet.

River Svoboda is a Seattle native who lives a hard earned as a tattoo artist at Styx. River doesn’t cater to the unexpected until Erik, mysterous and obsessed with dragon tattoos, books an appointment with him. After a flirtatious introduction, Erik and River meet again by chance, sparking an unextpected fast and hot romance.

They’re both trying to escape a shadowed past, but the thing about shadows isthat the faster you run, the faster they chase you. River has a selfless need to save broken people. Erik is unwilling to be saved. Love lingers in newness, passion and a need for acceptance, but calls for vulnerability they might not have the courage to expose.


I’ve been so remiss! Not only have I forgotten to even announce my new, co-written book with Taylor Brooke– but I’ve neglected the gorgeous cover release and pre-sale announcement.

WELL: Shadows You Left will be out on May 20th but is currently up for pre-sale! I love a good pre-sale because often, I get the book a bit before it officially drops (to be clear, I have no idea if that happens with Entangled, our awesome publisher, but you know, that’s one selfish reason I do it!).

Also, please add us to your TBR on Goodreads and remember, reviews are really so important for helping books gain visibility. Our book is an amazingly diverse, #ownvoices, Queer AF love story and we both feel that these kinds of books need more visibility in the market!


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Capturing the Romance and Atmosphere

I was sitting around today being inordinately excited about the fact that What it Takes comes out on Thursday when I realized….I have no idea if people have gotten a chance to see the back of the book! That might sound like a weird concern, but the back of my book is really beautiful and I want my artist, Nelli I. to get all of the credit for her stunning work.


What I love about this is how the art captures the idea that there is more than one tone to this book. The front really captures a moment: Milo and Andrew’s sacred space, their hideout, in the beautiful woods that Andrew teaches Milo to love and know. This is their escape and the art felt like it really caught that.

But this book is about more than their childhood and that space they carve out as teens: it’s romantic. And in my opinion the setting could not be more visually romantic in real life. The Cape is stunning. There are so many different landscapes and spots that really provided me with an opportunity to give this story a lush, romantic and healing (I find the ocean to be healing) backdrop.

The art on the back of this book captures that romance perfectly. I love the way it fits seamlessly next to the forest next to it, even though it’s a completely different location. And I especially love that it’s clear we’re looking at this beach coming out of the woods (ahhaaaa I sense a metaphor).  The colors are perfect and for each cover, capture tone and atmosphere for the story within beautifully.

One of my favorite things about working with Interlude Press is how talented our artists are and how spot on our art director is as we develop concepts for the books. We get to work with our team and as authors we get to be a part of the process, which is awesome. C.B. Messner, our art director, just hits it out of the ballpark. Check out IP’s upcoming titles and you’ll see just how fantastic she is.

What it Takes is currently available for pre-order and will be out Jan. 14th.

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